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Jumper / Hunter / Dressage Coaches and Horse Trainers

Rock Forest Stables offers riding lessons from beginners to the advanced athlete. We specialized in the Jumper, Hunter and Dressage disciplines. Our property is well equipped to help you achieve your equestrian goals and our coaches have years of experience and accredited equestrian education.

Each coaching program is professionally designed to suit you and your equine athlete. On a regular basis your coach will present you with a updated lesson plan, which will preview exercises and milestones. Its important to us that you have fun and remain safe while developing your equestrian skills.

Karine Dressage 2023

Rock Forest Stables, is a private equestrian property teaching students of various levels and aspirations; we work to enable the full potential of both horse and rider. Our mission is to focus on building a strong foundation of learning and horsemanship as we take pride when our clients achieve success as competitive or pleasure riders.

Training Services

  • Conditioning horses to compete at the Grand Prix Level
  • Development programs for horses that have been started – taking them to the next level after under saddle has been established
  • New skills development – e.g. thoroughbreds off the track are taught gymnastics, dressage movements, and jumping techniques
  • Facility grounds have plenty of trails to enhance cardio systems
  • Disciplined in taking the time required to develop the required fitness and flat work skills
  • Indoor arena with quality footing to ensure consistent training